A to Z in Italy

A: Afro-Americana in Italy … I like that term

B: “Helloooo, Brown Sugar! I have good deal for you!”

C: Can I touch your hair, ciccolatta?

D: David. I love a man with a sling shot and determination.

E: Euro (pronounced eh- oo-ROH) is the same as 1.3 American Dollars

F: Fettuccine Alfredo doesn’t exist but fettuccine con funghi exists everywhere and it is so much better!

G:Gold Ornamentation and Gelato flavors as far as the eye can see… paradise?

H: Imagine a pope running for his life to Hadrian’s Mausoleum as the crowd shouts “Down with him!!!!”

    (In Italian of course).

I: insalata mista (mixed green salad with grape tomatoes, carrots, corn and a squeeze of lemon)

J: “Jamm Ja” Trattoria with rum cakes and tortellini pasta with a cream sauce, pears and pistachios.

K: kilos; kilometers; kilograms

L: Luca Signorelli

M: Michaelanglo and the smell of the Sistine Chapel.


N: Nutella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O: L’ Olivia grow like weeds and are included in every meal

P: Prego; Pizza; Pierro Della Francesca; Pesto; Perugia; Poppolo;

Q: Quando Costo?

R: Red is a color of passion. Red is the color of my nails. Red is the color of my eyes by the end of the day

S: Sienna; Sizes (even) 32-46 are readily available for skinny Italian Women

T: Toretellini with Pomodoro, Mozarella y Spinach

U: Umbria and their white wine

V: vino dolce, vino della casa, vino banco etc etc; Vespas are speed demons!

W: Can you wash it [your hair]?

X: X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XVIIII, XX…… Know your ROMAN numerals in Rome

Y: Giallo is Italian for the color Yellow and oh how I love my yellow!

Z: lo zoo… I have yet to see a zoo but I’m sure they exist somewhere….


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