Gallery Girls: I’m judging a book by its cover

After a nice workout and few mosquito bites, my grandmother ( known as Gomma) and I sat down in front of the television and began to flip rapidly through the channels hoping to find something of interest. No, we don’t want to watch Law and Order. No we don’t want to watch Law and Order SVU, New York or CSI. No we do not want to watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta nor do we want to watch Criminal Minds. Is this all we have to choose from?! No Top Chef, Anthony Bourdain or a Morgan Freeman narrated documentary on sea life???

None of that, but Gallery Girls was on! Within the first ten minutes I had the show pegged and I knew exactly my issues:

1) The show seems to be more about the social aspects of “Gallery girls” versus the art, the hardships of installation, temperamental artists or the current issues facing the art world.

2) Who the hell is Eli Klein Gallery?

3) I am willing to bet that quite a few of these girls are being supported by family money as they go from auction to auction looking at the buyers versus the art

4) Sooner or later the Brooklyn girls versus the Manhattan Girls will end up throwing drinks at each other like the all the women of the Real Housewives series.

Yep…. Totally judging a book by its cover. And like Charles Barkley once said while sitting on Oprah’s couch ” I could be wrong, but I doubt it”


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