Black Girl in Austin

In school, they (professors and faculty) teach you to visit as many openings, exhibitions and lectures as possible. Many people have many thoughts after leaving a show but rarely are those same thoughts communicated outside of a bar with a few friends. In the year that I’ve been in Austin, I’ve found that all the reviews, interviews, and thoughts about the artists’ work are all the same when printed on pretty newsprint and dished out in mass. In other words, no one says what they are actually thinking! (or very few). So with the help of wordpress and a few friends, I’ve began a blog that will be honest and share honest opinions about the art in Austin…some good, some bad.

The title of my blog is “Black girl in Austin”. I’ve noticed that the color of my skin seems to come up in conversation on a daily basis. In art, on dates, at the movie theater and on the bus (multiple times). I’ve often sat wondering why this seems to happen and I’ve determined that 1) It’s the society I live in, 2) The black population in Austin is 10% and shrinking!!), and 3) I am typically one of 3 token black people at art openings and lectures therefore I am the spokesperson for Black Art and America. I’m the female Barack Obama with a paintbrush! I’m kidding I promise. But the overall goal, is to provide another avenue where art lovers can read about current work, other black art students can comment, and say “I was thinking the same thing!”

Be Well



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